the galaxy dress

Elegant and eye-catching, The Galaxy Dress is a magnificent new corporate entertainment concept designed and created by Red Cello Productions. This labour of love includes nearly 1000 lights individually tailored to create a dazzling ‘fashion meets music meets LED’ effect.

Our hand-picked performers are South Africa’s finest, delivering a bewitching performance that will have audiences scrambling for their phones.

on offer

  1. With Cello (Carol Thorns, Cpt)
  2. With Sax (Cathy Del Mei, Jhb)
  3. With Violin (Renate Riedemann, Cpt)
  4. With Violin (Crissy Rodrigues, Jhb)
  5. With Violin (Galina Juritz – Europe)
Red Cello Productions just keep doing it with such style, class… love this new act.
Deon Schlebusch
Big Talk Entertainment
Truly innovative
Warren MacCarthy
Seed Media
Amazing - your performers look fantastic!
Shelley Frost
The Fridge, Dubai