The blossom dress

Celebrating all things floral, The Blossom Dress is a veritable frenzy of flowers with over 3000 blooms. This whimsical and romantic act is perfect for weddings or garden-inspired events. A brand new act from Red Cello Productions, The Blossom Dress is all about elegance, hope and happiness!

on offer

  1. Electric Cellist Carol Thorns (Cpt)
  2. Electric Violinist Renate Riedemann (Cpt)
  3. Saxophonist Cathy del Mei (Jhb)
Hands-On Promotion
Absolutely beautiful!
Sue van der Linde
A truly gorgeous act!
Big Talk
What a wonderful couture creation!
Eileen lavranos
Forward-thinking and creative as usual from Red Cello
Cathy Del Mei